Bois Bios

Blaine Wood

Blaine Wood is a genius, a musician, a comedian, an actor, a talk show host and a music producer. He has the ability to literally do everything amazing. He is sooooOoOoOoOoO rich. He is the representation of Christ on Earth.

Favorite flower: Beautiful ones

Favorite state capital: Alalabama

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Julius Bois

Julius Bois originally shot to fame as the stupid but lovable toddler on the popular 90s sitcom TITLE REDACTED DUE TO A DMCA TAKEDOWN BY UMC. Julius seemed to vanish from the public eye after the show's cancellation in '95. Many speculated that he had died. He did. A man with the same name as the child actor is in Wood Bois.

Fun Fact: Lisp.

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Hiding in the dark. Hiding in the shadows.

Motto: "..."

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Shreddie Van Wailin'

Shreddie Van Wailin’ once had it all: money, fame, and long well-conditioned hair. As the lead singer in the metal band OCTOPUS HAIR ATTACK he was known for violent head banging, hair twirling, and his signature move “the Dutch windmill.” Until he lost his luscious locks in a Samsung and Delilah type thing. Since that day, he’s never been the same. Blaine Wood found him living in a child’s sandbox, and after dusting him off, invited him to return to music with the Wood Bois.

Astrological Sign: Pokemon

Flute Bitch

It’s well known that Flute Bitch (an anagram for Butch Filet) is an undercover music journalist who has infiltrated the Wood Bois looking for the Big Scoop. So far, she’s only found that Blaine has never had a secret, Julius cannot remember the things he’s done, HITDHITS is mute, and Shreddie can’t stop lamenting his long lost hair.

Flute Name: Norma Tootsville, Esq.